Gate Motor Johannesburg Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot seem to control my gate any more what could be wrong?

The main thing that controls your gate is your remote control. In most cases a low battery is the result of a non-responsive remote control. Please ensure that your batteries are not empty before contacting a technician to fix your problem.

Which motor is best suited for big gates?

The D5-Evo ranges are perfect for operating big gates with the only limitations including pull force must be less than 25kgF for the D3, 60kgF for the D5 and 22kgF for the A5 range. The weight of your gate must be less than 300kg for the D3 and less than 500kg for the D5 and A5 gate motors.

Why use a DC motor on a gate opener?

Some of the reasons why many professionals choose to use DC motors or battery operated motors on gate openers include:

  • Excellent initial torque power to get the gate moving
  • Full control of the DC speed from soft and slow to very fast and hard!
  • Eliminates shutdown normally caused by overheating in AC motors
  • No limitations to gate operations
  • Alternative forms of electricity can be used if there are no mains in your location such as solar panels.

Why does my A5 motor keep jamming every now and then?

It could be because of loose connections that need to be tightened in the power supply circuit. It straight forward to confirm the issues by looking at the STATUS LED flashes, if the LED flashes 5 times the gate will stop and all the monitoring LED’s will then be switched off. Get in touch with us for an affordable same day repair!